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Duran petroleum is one of the leading enterprises for the production of fuels and lubricants in Uzbekistan The company was founded in 2022. The first stage of the Raw Hydrocarbon Processing Complex opened the following year, with a refining capacity of 50,000 tons per year. The second stage of hydrocarbon processing began operations in the fourth quarter of 2023, with a design capacity of 200 thousand tons per year. The third stage of hydrocarbon raw material processing commissioning is scheduled for 2024, with a design capacity of 830 thousand tons per year.

The plant can produce over 70 different types of oil products. The Duran petroleum plant has 32 main and auxiliary workshops, Altyaryk fuel production (AFP), and transfer tank farms in Pap and Angren. Workshops 1–5 are the primary process shops that ensure the production of oil products. The remaining shops are auxiliary shops that ensure primary production through the use of energy resources (steam, water, air, gas, and electricity), laboratory quality control of oil products, repair and operation of equipment and instrumentation, and loading and shipment of oil products.

Duran Petroleum is the only company in the region with such a project, which allows us to easily sell the Plant’s products, helping to meet the region’s need for gasoline and lubricants. The Company’s location near the Uzbekistan Sea Gate allows for unrestricted fuel oil trading to CIS countries. The heating oil produced by the plant will be used to fuel Duran Petroleum tankers and ships. All gasoline and diesel fuel will be delivered to the domestic market. This project is partially funded by own funds and partially by borrowed funds (from second-tier banks).

The plant’s ideal location in Tashkent’s industrial district, as well as the presence of its own access railway tracks, allows for the efficient shipment of finished goods. Additionally, the company has its own tank farm for intermediate storage of finished products. The company has an 11,000 m2 administrative and production building where we also do internal cleaning of railway tanks from bottom sediments. Simultaneously, the state is reviewing a project for washing railway tanks from the outside, which will be the only one of its kind in Uzbekistan in the future.

For the transportation of oil and petroleum products, the corporation has its own truck fleet. The Company has received specifications for the construction of an oil pipeline to supply raw materials to the plant through the Duran Petroleum system. Tashkent International Sea Commercial Port also provided technical requirements for the installation of an oil pipeline for pipe transport of finished products. Because pipe transportation is the cheapest in the world today, the aforementioned activities will add significant value to the product produced.

Duran Petroleum primarily sells finished goods to wholesale customers. When it comes to the local market, organizations like Socar Marketing are massive, both regional and national corporations. Because of the region’s lack of competition, the initiative is both economically and socially successful. A high and consistent demand for fuels and lubricants is the primary driver. Materials and equipment for current activities and construction, with the exception of basic equipment, are primarily obtained from manufacturers in Uzbekistan and the Customs Union. European companies are the primary equipment suppliers. The sophisticated technology purchased meets global environmental standards and is in accordance with Uzbekistan regulations. The manufacturing technologies comply with both international and domestic standards and laws.

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