Oil Marketing

Duran Petroleum sells crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products on domestic and international markets, ensuring that flows are distributed in an appropriate manner to meet market demand. The company owns and operates crude oil and petroleum product transshipment facilities, as well as pipelines, which help to reduce transportation costs. Duran Petroleum has an established marketing strategy and infrastructure for selling petroleum products on both domestic and international markets. Duran Petroleum product export sales will reach 25.3 million tons by 2022. (In comparison, 10.2 million tons are anticipated in 2022). The Company was able to successfully increase the market value of this product in 2022 by making separate deliveries of high-quality fuel oil produced at the refinery to Baltic and Black Sea ports in 2023.

In order to increase the proportion of high-margin channels in the overall sales structure, the company monitors the economic performance of oil monetization channels. The Company expects to supply approximately 1.2 million tons of oil to Russian activities in 2022, a 15% increase over 2022. (Based on refinery deliveries since October 20, 2022). The acquisition in 2022 was the primary driver of the increase in supply volumes. The Corporation supplied 1.1 million tons of its own oil to factories with a stake in the Company in 2022, a 3% increase from the previous year.

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