Oil Refining

Duran Petroleum operates in two commercial segments: refining and trading. Collaboration between the Duran Petroleum and important refineries in China and Russia resulted in a processing capacity of more than 500,000 barrels per day. This facility manages Duran Petroleum operations, product supply, bio and intermediate feedstock, and gas logistics. Duran Petroleum manufactures petrochemicals and other goods. It runs three competitive inland refineries with a total capacity of 54 million tonnes per year.

The company is updating its catalytic cracking catalysts with the help of experts from the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Issues of Hydrocarbon Processing. The Uzbekistan Institute of Catalysis is in charge of developing hydro-process catalysts. Uzbekistan scientists have already developed catalysts for hydrotreating middle distillates, allowing them to produce a sulfur-free product that meets all Euro-5 specifications. The Company’s refining operations have recently been focused on meeting market demand for premium petroleum products.

As a result of refinery renovations over time, Duran Petroleum has been able to broaden its product range, improve product quality, and become more competitive. The rebuilding of this oil refinery represents a watershed moment in Uzbekistan’s history. During the program’s implementation, environmental class K5 motor fuels were produced at a 100% rate for the Uzbek domestic market in accordance with TR TS 013/2022 Technical Regulations. Since 2023, many of the Company’s refineries have been producing AI-95-K5 Euro-6 and AI-100-K5 motor gasoline with improved operational and environmental characteristics.

The refinery produces liquid paraffin, aromatics, roofing and insulating materials, and other petroleum products. The refinery manufactures high-quality bitumen, jet fuel, roofing materials, diesel fuel, and other products. Duran Petroleum expands its industrial facilities on an annual basis. The refinery is developing a tiered process flow diagram innovation strategy to improve industrial and environmental safety, increase petroleum product quality, and lower operating expenses while reducing expenditures.

The company expects to have a synergistic impact after modernization by changing the composition of raw materials and rearranging component flows throughout the corporation’s refineries. Duran Petroleum’s efficiency management and operational expenditure optimization approaches, as well as improved control over investment program implementation and timetable optimization of refinery support project implementation, will all have a positive impact. To ensure that this potential is realized, a strategy for carrying out the Duran Petroleum integration synergy has been developed and approved, and its successful implementation will significantly increase the efficiency of the oil refinery block. By the end of 2022, the refinery will have processed 5 million tons of crude oil, ensuring its dominance in Russia’s refining volumes.

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