Social Responsibility

Duran Petroleum’s trade union expresses and defends the enterprise’s employees’ social and economic rights and interests.

In order to carry out these objectives, the union seeks:
  • facilitating dialogue and social partnership principles, organizing collective bargaining to reach a collective bargaining agreement and monitor its implementation
  • Implementing a socially just payment system, as well as improving labor conditions;
  • complying with labor laws, labor safety rules, and regulations, and providing all benefits and guarantees mandated by regulations;
  • By cooperating with the employer in exercising their powers, trade union members’ socioeconomic, labor rights, and professional interests are protected.
  • exercising public control over the state of labor safety, working conditions, and the environment at enterprises and businesses, eliminating harmful and hazardous production factors at workplaces, providing healthy and safe working conditions for employees, and fostering a favorable production environment
  • creating conditions for trade union members’ health, physical exercise and sport, recreation, and effective and accessible treatment in health centers and resorts;
  • organizing and conducting cultural, educational, and sporting events, as well as employee review contests

“Reforms are not for the sake of reforms, but for people” is more than a catchphrase. Every transformation in our independent country involves human interests. Production modernization, retrofitting of plant engineering facilities – everything ultimately aims to raise population living standards. Our plant’s core value is its employees, who contribute to the prosperity of our Motherland through their selfless labor.

The priority task of the enterprise’s management and trade union is to improve worker welfare, care for the health of employees and their families, provide all-around social protection, and improve working and recreational conditions. Duran Petroleum’s joint trade union is constantly focused on issues of social dialogue and social partnership, which are implemented through the collective bargaining agreement.

All of this, including providing for employees’ recreation and health, assisting in the creation of necessary working conditions, and providing strong social protection, has an impact on people’s mood and labor productivity. After all, all activities and endeavors are based on people’s interests and aim to improve employees’ living standards. During the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, the enterprise’s workers and employees donated their one-day wages to the Mehr-shavkat va salomatlik social fund (a total of 250 million soums).

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