Health and Safety

Duran Petroleum places a high value on the health and safety of its employees and contractors, and we actively promote this culture throughout the company. QHSE practices and training are stringent and held to a high standard all over the world. There are activities at Duran Petroleum that could seriously harm many people. Uzbekistan in 2022, two (2) lost time incidents involving Duran Petroleum employees and one of the contractors occurred.

In accordance with our HSE protocols, all incidents were investigated, their causes were identified, and corrective action plans were developed. In 2022, copies of the Contractor HSE Performance Process were distributed to all Contract Owners and C&P. When they log in every day, a pop-up window with a QHSE safety alert appears.

The safety initiative began in 2022 and will be expanded in 2023. Our Guidelines establish the primary safety criteria for Duran Petroleum and are based on global best practices in the oil and gas industry as well as an analysis of incident statistics. The Hazard Identification Program has been fully implemented at Duran Petroleum and Contractors. Through this program, any employee may report risky situations at work, provide feedback on safe or risky employee behavior, and suggest improvements to HSE.

The impact of failure on related risk determines the best type of maintenance strategy based on the criticality of the equipment. In the event of a resource shortage, maintenance can be prioritized and critical systems can be reported on. Devices, equipment, or systems that are required to keep process conditions within safe operating limits or to keep the process from failing are referred to as safety critical elements.

We hope to achieve a high level of openness and transparency in our operations by putting the concept of active dialogue with stakeholders into practice. Duran Petroleum represents state interests in the oil and gas industry and provides the entire operating cycle, from HC exploration and production to transportation and refining to crude oil and oil product distribution in Uzbekistan and abroad. A large number of stakeholders have an impact on our work, which could jeopardize our success. We work to keep stakeholders informed, whether they are a single person or a large corporation.

Duran Petroleum defines stakeholders and stakeholder engagement using the most effective stakeholder engagement techniques, including global standards such as the AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard. Duran Petroleum has approved a stakeholder map that takes into account risks as well as rankings based on obligations, dependence (direct or indirect), circumstances, location (with a particular focus on high-risk areas), influence, and various prospects. Given the diversity of our stakeholders, we have a variety of communication channels available to us, including meetings, workshops, forums, one-on-one conversations, joint ventures, and focus groups.

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